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How to use DocuSign with SmartVault (Dashboard Files and Folder view)

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This article will show you how to use the SmartVault "Get Signature" feature with DocuSign. Before using the "Get Signature" feature, please integrate your DocuSign account with SmartVault.


Requesting a Signature

Once you have integrated SmartVault with Docusign,

  1. Log in to your SmartVault account through the SmartVault Portal.
  2. In the Portal Dashboard View: (If your view looks different, click here)
    • Click on the File & Folders Icon (small).png icon that always appears along the left edge of your browser screen.
    • You can also click on the larger Files & Folders Icon (large).png icon if you see it.
  3. Navigate to a document you would like to send out for e-signature.
    • Click on the Dashboard - E-Sig feather.png or 'quill' icon to the right of the document.
      Dashboard - E-Sig in Files & Folders View.png

  4. The DocuSign editing window will load the file you selected in the Connected Desktop. For more details, click here.

    Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 1.18.21 PM.png

  5. When you are finished editing the document and selecting your recipient in DocuSign, click "Send" on the top right hand corner.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 2.41.15 PM.png



Recipient's Experience - Signing a Document


  1. The recipient will receive an email from DocuSign stating that you have requested a signature from them.

    Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 1.19.03 PM.png

  2. After they complete and sign the document, you will receive an email from DocuSign and SmartVault confirming the document has been signed and returned to your SmartVault account.

    Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 1.21.08 PM.png
  3. The signed document is then sent back to DocuSign. DocuSign will send the signed copy to your SmartVault account and the original document will be updated to reflect the new document that has been signed. You will also notice that the document will now have a new "Date Modified" date and time.



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