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Integrate Hubdoc with SmartVault


This page will walk you through the process of connecting your SmartVault account to Hubdoc so you can manually upload or automatically push documents from Hubdoc to a specific folder within SmartVault.  At the end of these setup instructions you will find a link to a guide on how and where to upload your Hubdoc files within SmartVault.



Connect your SmartVault account to Hubdoc and then designate a destination folder within SmartVault before you Autosync or push your first batch of documents.  Hubdoc's default destination folder within SmartVault is the root of your SmartVault account, so any folders and/or documents pushed through will become new vaults within SmartVault and may require a tedious manual cleanup of your SmartVault account.


  1. Login to your Hubdoc account.  (Link to main Hubdoc login page)
  2. Click on the Accounts link in top right corner

  3. Click on the Destinations tab within the pop-up window

  4. Scroll down until you see the SmartVault logo and type in your SmartVault Login E-mail address.  Click on the Connect button when done.

  5. You will be redirected to SmartVault's authenticator page and prompted to allow Hubdoc access to SmartVault.  Click Allow

  6. Hubdoc will now ask which specific SmartVault account you would like to access.  Select the correct SmartVault account from the drop-down menu and click on Authorize when done.  


That's it - you've successfully integrated your Hubdoc account with SmartVault!


Next Step:  Change your Hubdoc upload folder within SmartVault



Be sure to 'Change your Hubdoc upload folder' before pushing documents to SmartVault to prevent over sharing of documents and possibly creating hundreds of new vaults by mistake.

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