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Attach a Document in the SmartVault Inbox to a QuickBooks Entry


With our award-winning SmartVault Toolbar that integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and Online, you can attach a document in your SmartVault Inbox to a QuickBooks entry.


For QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Open your QuickBooks company file and navigate to the entry you want to attach your document to. For this tutorial, I'll use a bill from a vendor.
  2. Click the Attach icon at the top of the SmartVault Toolbar to access the Attach Document dialog. Click Inbox to select your document.
    QB_Attach with Inbox.jpg
  3. Select your document and click Move.
    QB_attach with inbox2.jpg
  4. If the location of your document does not automatically appear, select Browse or click the black icons to move through the folders in your account.
  5. Now when you access the bill in QuickBooks, you'll notice the View Documents icon in the Toolbar has a 1 by it. This indicates the number of documents attached to the QuickBooks entry.
    QB_number badge icon.jpg


For a complete list of the QuickBooks Desktop transactions that support attaching documents, see Supported QuickBooks Desktop Transactions.

For QuickBooks Online:

  1. Open your QuickBooks company file and navigate to the entry you want to attach your document to.
  2. Click the Inbox icon on the SmartVault Browser Toolbar to access the Inbox folder for the company file.
    QBO_browser toolbar_inbox.jpg
  3. If the document is already in the Inbox, it will be visible. Click the Plus (+) icon next to the file you'd like to attach.
    2014_Feb_AttachfromInboxBrowserToolBarstep2 copy.png
  4. If you were looking for a file in a different location, select Browse Folders and your folder directory will open up. Locate the folder your document is in and click Select Folder.
  5. Once you select the folder, you'll see the document(s) it contains. Click the Plus (+) icon next to a file you'd like to attach to the QuickBooks entry.
  6. Once the file is uploaded, and now whenever you access the transaction, you will see the folder document on the toolbar has a number badge icon that indicates the number of documents that are attached to the transaction.
    browser toolbar with number.png