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Re-integrating QuickBooks with SmartVault

After going through the integration process with QuickBooks desktop, you must verify that the integration was successful.

You may need to re-integrate a QuickBooks company file that has previously been integrated with SmartVault, or re-integrate if you did not select the proper application integration settings.

1. Open the QuickBooks company file and sign in as an admin in single-user mode.
2. Select Edit > Preferences > Integrated Applications.
3. On the Company Preferences tab, select SmartVault, and then click Remove.
4. Exit QuickBooks.
5. Restart the SmartVault desktop software. 
6. Restart QuickBooks. A QuickBooks Certificate window displays. 
7. Select Yes, always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running
Note: If this company file is used by multiple users, select Admin in the Login As field.

8. If prompted, sign in to SmartVault using the SmartVault QuickBooks Toolbar.