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Object reference not set to an instance of an object


When attempting to add a QuickBooks company file, you may get the error message:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.



QuickBooks company files must be added to a vault in your SmartVault account. They cannot be added to the account level, or Intuit Tax containers. This behavior should be restricted but some users may see a bug that allows them to try to add to these locations anyway. When you do you will receive the error about. 


The resolution is very simple, the company file just needs to be added to a vault in the account, though the folder structure in your account will be different depending on what kind of SmartVault plan you use.

Vaults are demonstrated by the small grey file cabinet icon to the left of their name. If this has a blue globe, a yellow file folder, or a set of four squares this location is not a vault.


For Basic, Team, and Professional plans you should already have a vault in your account titled "My First Vault" or another vault you have created. Simply select that vault or another of your choosing and click "ok".

 If you are using one of the Intuit Tax plans for Lacerte or Proseries you will see several containers for Tax, Clients, and Firm but no vaults by default. You have some options in this case. You can choose to save the company file to one of the vaults inside the Firm container, usually Internal Documents. You can also find the client's vault if you have already printed or imported this client by navigating into the Client's container and going into the appropriate alphabetical folder. Finally,  you can navigate to the SmartVault client portal and create a brand new vault or vaults for storing your QuickBooks company files then select that vault. If you make a new vault you must close and reopen the Add Company window to see the new vault. 

Also see: How to Create a Vault and Adding a Desktop Company File for more info.