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Troubleshooting Guide: Quickbooks Desktop Toolbar - Internal


This will serve as an outline for possible troubleshooting steps for the SmartVault Toolbar integration into Quickbooks Desktop.   Generally troubleshooting options are listed in order of most common or most likely to fix most issues and should be tried in that order. 


Never share this document with a customer, it is for internal reference only. 


Common Problems

  • No Toolbar

    • Close SV and QB. Run SDK reg fix and Reboot.bat.  Restart SV then QB.
    • Verify that the scaling option Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays is enabled.
              Windows 8.1:
      • Right click on your desktop and select Screen resolution.
      • Click Make text and other items larger or smaller on the window that opens.
      • Verify that the option labeled Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays is enabled. If not, check to enable this setting.
      • Verify their DPI settings in display is set to Medium (100%) other DPI can cause the toolbar not to display or to display unusually.  You will need to reset the computer. We do not support higher DPI settings. 
        Windows 10:
      • Right click on your desktop and select Display Settings.
      • Click on Advanced display settings at the bottom of the page.
      • Click on Advanced sizing of text and other items
      • Click on Set a custom scaling level
      • Make sure that Scale to this percentage of normal size is set to 100% and restart the computer.
    • Verify QuickBooks is integrated with SmartVault, correct if needed.
    • Check if QuickBooks is running in the background and disable if needed. (for 2011 and later versions of QuickBooks)
      • End the QuickBooks processes running in the background.
        • Open QuickBooks and open your company file
        • Right click on task bar and click on "Start Task Manager."
        • Go to Processes tab and click on the tab Image Name.
        • Select the QuickBooks processes one by one and click on End process.
        • Make sure only QuickBooks processes are ended and then close Task Manager.
        • Exit out of SmartVault from the system tray.
      • Turn off the "Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups" preference in QuickBooks 2011 or later.
        • Choose Edit > Preferences.
        • Choose the General icon in the list on the left.
        • Choose the My Preferences tab at the top.
        • Click to clear the Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups checkbox.
        • Click OK.
        • Restart QuickBooks > sign in admin and enter your SmartVault logins
    • Close SV & QB.  Make sure you run both QB and SV as administrator to see if this resolves the issue.  You do not need to continue doing this if it does not resolve this. 
    • Disable all other addons in QB (do not delete). 
    • Locate QBSDKlog.txt file for Quickbooks and review for errors C:\programdata\intuit\quickbooks
    • Download the file from the Customer Support/Tech Support Vault/Tools SmartVault.  Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\Quickbooks*\Components\RegisteredUI Replace the UI_SDK file that exists there with the downloaded copy.  Close QB and restart.
      *Version they are having problems with.
    • Download and install the QBXMLRP2 installer and the QBFC7_0Installer.exe Customer Support/Tech Support Vault/Tools SmartVault. Reboot System.  Log in with
    • Fix of last resort solution (Internal Salesforce Link)
    • Repair Install QuickBooks. 
    • Collect Log File Information.
    • Perform a Clean Install for Quickbooks (customer will need to do this off the call in their own time). 
    • Properly log all steps taken and escalate.
  • Grey Toolbar

    • Verify that the user has access to the applications folder and all documents folders they need.
    • Verify on their system through the portal they can access the applications and documents folders.
    • Run the SDK reg fix and reboot.bat
    • Verify If the company was integrated with a an old trial account/ previous account
  • Toolbar is not aligned

    • Verify their DPI settings in display is set to Medium (100%) other DPI can cause the toolbar not to display or to display unusually.  You will need to set the computer's DPI to 100%. We do not support higher DPI settings. 
  • Scans not going into toolbar

    • Verify their scanner is working, and can scan normally outside of SmartVault  Check profiles for ScanSnap or cannon scanners are configured correctly.