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Create a Link to Your Custom Branded Sign-In Page



After custom branding your SmartVault account, create a link from your website to your new SmartVault client portal.


We have had requests to allow a firm's clients to directly sign in to SmartVault from the firm's website; however, SmartVault does not support this. SmartVault requires an outside link to prevent problems if your main website is hacked. By requiring links with redirection to our secure site, we prevent any security issues arising from the firm's main site; this practice stops security issues such as the capture of SmartVault usernames or passwords.


How to create a link or button to your SmartVault client portal sign in page from your website:


Once you have custom-branded your SmartVault client portal, if your company already has a public web site, you can create a text link or coded button on your public web site to your secure, custom-branded, https:// SmartVault sign in page.

When you create a link or button, ensure that you create the link using text or a button that takes your users directly to your secure https:// SmartVault sign in page. When you custom-branded your account, you created a subdomain. The sign in page URL is

Once your users arrive at the secure https:// SmartVault sign in page, they can securely type in their SmartVault user ID and password and then sign in to your custom-branded SmartVault client portal.


If you want something fancier, please visit our free code site for Java, Rest and Windows API code kits.

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