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Get a Link to a File from the SmartVault Portal (Guest or Tax Client)


Though you can copy a link from SmartVault and then paste that link to other sources, using the Send Link tool is a better way to alert the account owner that you've uploaded or made changes to a file. Furthermore, the account owner can enable settings to receive alerts when you upload or download files from their SmartVault account, and often don't need you to make them aware of changes. If the need arises, follow these steps for obtain a link to a vault, folder, or file in SmartVault.


  1. Browse to and click to open the file you want to send a link to.
  2. In the File Task pane, click Get Link.
  3. Verify that the person you want to send the link to is listed under Users with Access.


  4. Highlight the link and press CTRL+C.
  5. Paste the link into a personal email or other document such as a Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file.

ConsiderationsEdit section

When you send a link, the person you send the link to must meet the following requirements before they can view the document:

  • They must be logged in to SmartVault
  • They must be a member of the same SmartVault account you are working in
  • They must have access to the vault or folder that contains the document. When you send a link, you can see the list of users who have access to the vault or folder.
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