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Import and Add New Clients via CSV File


Applies to:

SmartVault Tax and Accounting plans

We understand you may have a business need to be able to import client lists from a variety of different applications. Doing so allows new and trialing customers to efficiently get started with client information and significantly limits the need for you to import clients manually.

Before You Begin

SmartVault's CSV import currently supports client exports from three applications:

  1. eFileCabinet
  1. Microsoft Outlook
  1. SmartVault (a csv file manually created using the steps below

    The current SmartVault CSV format requires the following columns: Client ID, Client Type, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Email, Company Name, Home Phone, Work Phone, Fax Phone, Other Phone Number (Cell). (see example):
  • Click here to download your CSV template  CSV Import

  • Client ID: Must be at least 4 numbers or characters long and cannot be repeated or already existing in SmartVault.
  • Client TypeThis field is a requirement and ONLY the following listed below are allowed:
    Individual Estate Organizer Exempt
    Benefit Fiduciary Partnership
    Corporate Non Resident S Corporate
  • First, Middle, Last Names: These fields are designed only for Individual Client types. Business clients do not use these fields and will be ignored during an import of the business client type.
    - For Married couples, you can use the First Name column to list both first names (John & Jane) as shown in the sample image above. Click the image shown above to expand larger if needed.
  • Email: This field is optional and is not required. Only 1 email address can be entered here. You can add additional email addresses if needed after the client has been imported.
  • Company Name: This field should not contain any periods (.) within the name or it will not import. The "&" symbol is allowed. Also keep in mind that the First, Middle, Last Name fields are ignored and do not import for business client types.



  1. Open the SmartVault Launchpad and click Import Data.
  2. Select the import source to import your clients from. For this tutorial, we've selected CSV eFileCabinetFormat.

    CSV import_select import source.jpg
  3. Click Browse and select the CSV file you would like to import clients from. Click Open.

    CSV import_select file.jpg

  4. Select the SmartVault account you'd like to import to and click Next.
  5. Now you'll see a client list to be imported into your SmartVault account.

    CSV import_import all or selected.jpg
    Note: Trialing customers can only import 10 clients or less. Purchasing SmartVault enables an unlimited number of client imports.
  6. Click Import All to import every client in this list or click Import Selected to only import those clients you've selected.
  7. As each client finishes importing, you'll see a status for the client. The import process is tracked with a progress bar, and when finished, you can click Exit.


If you need to import additional clients later, you can open the Import Data tool at any time from the SmartVault Launchpad or from the Connected Desktop.


If you are going to be inputting SSNs or FEINS that start with a zero then you will want to follow this article on formatting to keep leading zeroes. This process needs to be redone if you close and reopen the document as CSV files don't allow for special formatting.