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Resend Activation Link to Client or Guest


This article will help if you need to resend the activation link to an invitee (user, client or guest) because they either deleted the original, can't find it, or simply did not get it. 

If they have already activated before, the system will not send them another invitation. Instead, they will need to do a password reset. They can reset the password at the following link: 


  1. Open the SmartVault Connected Desktop

  2. Right-Click  on the Client Name and click on Open Client in Portal.

  3. This will open your web browser and direct you the online Dashboard (Sign In if needed).
    From here you can click the  icon in the top left corner under the Client Name as shown in the screenshot below.

  4. You then see a confirmation that will tell you it has been Submitted as shown in the screenshot below.

  5. If you refresh the web page, you will see the client's status to let you know that they have not been invited, invited, or activated with SmartVault. Below is a screenshot example of how it looks in sequence. 



If you do not have access to Dashboard, you can resend the invitation by visiting and enter the email address you wish to invite. Enter any random password and attempt to sign in regardless if you have never created a password. The system will check to see if they have activated before and if not, it will automatically re-send them an invitation to SmartVault. 

Here is a screenshot below of how it should look when you resend the invitation through the method mentioned above. 


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