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Security: SmartVault will no longer auto-fill Passwords


As of October 26th, 2017: SmartVault will no longer allow users to “Remember me” or “Stay signed in” when logging in to the SmartVault Launchpad or Client Portal. 

SmartVault’s next release, scheduled for the night of Wednesday, October 25th, will prevent all users from automatically signing-in, so please record your passwords or use a password manager such as LastPass or Keychain to secure your passwords.  On October 26th, SmartVault will no longer "remember' or auto-fill passwords for customers, so logging in to the SmartVault Client Portal or Windows Desktop Software (Launchpad) will require users to type in their passwords or use password management software.

Note: If you've forgotten your password, see this article to reset your password


No longer "remembering" passwords is part of a larger security initiative that will be in place by January 2018:

  • Logout due to inactivity / Session Tokens: SmartVault is implementing an auto logout feature for the SmartVault Portal in the October 2017 release.
    • Similar to many bank and insurance websites, SmartVault will ask a user if they would like to stay logged in to the Portal after 13 minutes of inactivity and, barring a response, automatically log the user out after 15 minutes of inactivity.
    • If you would like to know more about this feature, please view: Security: Session Tokens and Auto Log-Out.
    • If you are the Administrator of a SmartVault account and would like this feature enabled for all your clients and employees, you must do the following:
      • Update your SmartVault for Windows Desktop Client on all computers that you use with SmartVault.
      • Click here to contact SmartVault Customer Support
        • Tell Customer Support you would like to activate Session Tokens on your account.
        • Provide the Admin email address you use to access SmartVault.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) or Two-Step Verification: SmartVault will ask you to verify your identity when signed into from an unrecognized device or computer.
    • If a SmartVault user attempts to sign in from a new device or computer, they will be given the option to verify their identity via a separate email address or mobile phone number.
    • This feature will be opt-in as well, but requires the Session Token feature to be already enabled on your account.
    • We expect to make TFA available to all customers in the December 2017 Release of SmartVault.