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Send a File from SmartVault (Guest)


You can send an email from SmartVault that contains the link to the vault, folder, or to the specific file, along with a personal message to a recipient that has access to the vault, folder, or file you send. However, the account owner can enable settings to receive alerts when you upload or download files from their SmartVault account, and often don't need you to make them aware of changes.


If you want to send a link to a vault, folder, or specific file:

  1. Browse to and select the vault, folder, or file that you want to send a link to
  2. Under Tasks, click Send Link.
  3. Alternatively, you can click the Send Link to Vault/Folder/File icon under the Actions column.
  4. Select each user you want to send the link to, specify any personal message to include in the email, and then click Send.



When you send a link, the person you send the link to must meet the following requirements before they can view the document:

  • They must be logged in to SmartVault
  • They must be a member of the same SmartVault account you are working in
  • They must have access to the vault or folder that contains the document. When you send a link, you can see the list of users who have access to the vault or folder.
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