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Upload Files to the SmartVault as a Guest


As a Guest or Client user, you might need to upload files to a folder in the SmartVault account to which you have access. 


  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Client Portal.
  2. Select the folder to which you will upload the document.

  3. Click the Upload File button.

  4. Drag and drop files to the upload window or click Browse to find the file to upload.


  5. Once the progress bar completes, close the Upload window.


Depending on your level of access to the folder you attempt to upload to, you might or might not see an Upload File button. If the SmartVault account owner hasn't granted you permission to upload to a particular folder, the Upload File button does not appear for you. 

If there the Upload File button doesn't appear, contact the SmartVault account owner for the account in which you are a Guest or Client user to request permission to upload to the folder.



If you are the owner of a SmartVautl account, your process for uploading files is different than that of a Guest or Client user. For SmartVault account owners or the employees of Tax Plan customers, see these links for uploading files into SmartVault:

Upload Files to SmartVault Using the SmartVault Portal

Upload Files to SmartVault Using the Connected Desktop