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Cannot Integrate SmartVault with ProSeries


This solution covers two different behaviors with the SmartVault Integration with ProSereis.

  • SmartVault option in the Print dialog is missing
  • ProSeries integration with SmartVault does not complete
  • The import from ProSeries dialog is empty


Applies To:

SmartVault Tax Plans for ProSeries 2013 and 2014


This usually happens because a specific path value for ProSeries is missing in the registry.


1. Determine if the machine is a 64bit or 32 bit O/S. 

2. Exit the tax software and SmartVault. 
- On 64bit machine open the registry and browse to HKLM\software\wow6432node\intuit\proseries 2014\Engine‏\wow64 

- On 32bit machine open the registry and browse to 
HKLM\software\wow6432node\intuit\proseries 2014\Engine‏ 

3. For the Path value, ensure the following is listed, if not update the Path value. Path = C:\ProWin14\32bit\ 

a. Right click on Path and click Modify. 
b. Enter the C:\ProWin14\32bit\ 

If the "Path" key does not exist, then create the key and update the path.