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Client Import Failed with Lacerte or ProSeries


You might receive the following error message when importing clients to SmartVault using the SmartVault Import Data utility, or your documents  might never upload when printing to SmartVault from Lacerte or ProSeries. 




Your Lacerte or ProSeries software might be running at a different elevation than SmartVault. For the integration to work successfully, both applications must run at the same elevation. If Lacerte or ProSeries is running in an elevated state, you are required to respond to a Windows prompt consent or credentials each time you open that application. 


There are only three reasons why an application would request for elevation on startup:

  • the Compatibilty tab has the "Run this program as an administrator" selected
  • the application has a manifest (either embedded or external) that specified requireAdministrator
  • there is a compatibility update from Microsoft that marked the application as needing to be ran as an administrator

Assuming you've already checked the compatibility tab, and the application is not set to require an administrator, follow these steps to resolve this issue:


  1. Check the Compatibility tab of the application to ensure, it is not set to:
        ​Run this program in Compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3)​
        ​Run this program as Adminsistrator
  2. To check the Compatibility tab, right click on your Lacerte/ProSeries icon on your desktop and select the Compatibility tab.
  3. If the highlighted boxes are checked, you will need to Uncheck them, and restart Lacerte/ProSeries.

  4. Once launched, Import Clients or Print the tax return again.