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Correct Folder Name in Investment Engagement Template

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The Investment engagement template folder is labeled incorrectly as 'Financial Services YYYY,' which creates a conflict between the Investment engagement folder and the Financial Services engagement folder.


This conflict causes an error only when trying to create (or involve) either an Investment engagement or a Financial Services engagement when the other for the same tax year already exists.


For example, if a Financial Services engagement for 2015 already exists and a customer tries to auto-file a document with an Investment engagement type for 2015, he or she will receive the following error:



Or if a user tries to create a new Investment engagement for 2015 when a Financial Services engagement for 2015 already exists, he or she will receive the following error:


Regardless of the location of the error, it will always begin with the following string: Name = 'Financial Services YYYY',


In order to remedy the conflict between the two templates, you can rename the Investment engagement folder in the SmartVault Dashboard:

  1. Open the SmartVault Dashboard and click on Manage Folder Templates.
  2. Access the template editor.
  3. Under My Templates, select Investment Template.
  4. Hover over Financial Services yyyy (e.g. Financial Services 2013) until you see a carrot, drop-down icon.
    fix investment template.jpg
  5. Click the icon and select Investment yyyy (e.g. Investment 2013).
    fix investment template_2.jpg
  6. Click the Save button to apply the change
  7. Type "Renamed Investment template" in the dialog box.
    fix investment template_3.jpg
  8. Click OK to successfully change the name of the Investment template.
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