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Error: SmartVault.Core.SV_ObjectAlreadyExists: Object already exists



You receive the error:

SmartVault.Core.SV_ObjectAlreadyExists: Object already exists


In order to resolve your issue we ask that you Clear the SmartVault Connected Desktop Cache by following the directions in the link below: 

(Before you proceed, ensure all files have been saved and all of your work has been closed. Deleting the cache without saving files will result in loss of unsaved changes to those files.) 


  1. Exit the SmartVault Desktop software.
  2. Navigate to the AppData/Roaming folder.
    • On Windows 7, click the Start button and in the Search bar, type %AppData% and press Enter.
    • On Windows 8 or 10, access the Search bar (Windows Key + S) and type %AppData% and press Enter.
  3. Open the SmartVault folder.
  4. Open the Cache folder.
  5. Delete the folder named after your sign-in email.
  6. Restart the Connected Desktop and verify that your issues have been resolved.
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