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Error Messages When Scanning to SmartVault


While attempting to scan a document to the Toolbar in Quickbooks or the Inbox you may get one of these errors:

"System.ApplicationException: Error at opening the Data Source." 

"The scanner did not return an image"

"Transfer Failed"


This error comes from an inability for SmartVault to open, or communicate with the "data source" which in this case is your scanner. 


Check your scanners functionality by scanning a document outside of SmartVault/Quickbooks using either your scanner's native software that comes with the scanner or a third party software. 

Ensure your scanner is plugged in, turned on, and has the proper drivers installed. 

Once you’ve verified you have a TWAIN compliant scanner and can scan directly to your desktop, try modifying some of your SmartVault scanner settings to resolve the issue by completing the following steps: 

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Desktop software. 

  2. Right-click the SmartVault icon in your system tray, and then click User Settings

  3. On the Scanners tab, in the Options field, select one or more of the following options: 

  4. Select the Show the native status window check box. 

  5. Select the Show the native scanning window check box. 

  6. Click the Advanced button, and then in the Image Transfer Mode field, select Native from the drop-down list. 

  7. Click Close, and then click OK

If the issue persists please contact support.


This article applies to TWAIN scanners.

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