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Existing Customers Moving to Accountants 2.0 or Any New Zone Unable to Automatically Detect and Install Applicable Software


This issue applies to existing customers moving to Accountants 2.0 (or any other new zone). After moving to a new zone, the Windows Desktop Client (WDC) installer will not detect the new software, and the customer will not be able to install it.


We are not deploying a new WDC version that is aware of zones to existing customers. Therefore, a WDC version of or prior does not understand the concept of zones and will not install the new software.


Note: A zoning-aware WDC will be available 10/21/15, at which point this issue will not exist.


Customers can directly download and install the new WDC version from the SmartVault Portal sidebar or the SmartVault Dashboard header:


SmartVault Portal sidebar

CP_sidebar download.jpg

SmartVault Dashboard header

CP_dashboard header_wdc_download.png


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