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Fix Error 0x80070780


This error occurs when trying to add clients from the SmartVault mapped drive.


Clients are either imported from Lacerte or ProSeries or created from the dashboard. Client vaults cannot be created in the SmartVault drive as it is not aware of the built in automation in the integration.


If you add a new client to your tax software, you can use the Client Import utility or print their respective tax return. 

Or, you can add a Client and the Engagement in the SmartVault dashboard. 

First add the client from the SmartVault Dashboard in the portal. 
1. Login to the SmartVault Client portal. 
2. Right click on your account name in the left task pane and select View Dashboard. 
3. Click the Clients icon. 
4. Click the + sign to add a client and the additional + signs to enter client details. (Disregard Alieases section for now) 
5. Save by clicking the downward arrow in the upper right hand corner. 

Add the Engagement (folder structure) 
1. Click the Clients icon on the View Dashboard page. 
2. Click the "i" on the specific client. 
3. Click the + sign on the Engagements tab and update the blue links to create the engagement. 
4. Save by clicking the downward arrow in the upper right hand corner.