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How do I download my tax return?


This article will help you navigate through our online portal so that you can download your tax return. Some folders may be different than the folder structure shown below. Your CPA or accountant will use an easy folder structure to follow similar to the one show below, however you are also more than welcome to contact our Support by email, phone, or LiveChat should you need any further assistance. 

Please note* 
If you have not fully activated your SmartVault account, please refer to this article Activate your SmartVault Account


  1. Login at 
  2. Once you are logged in, you should see 2 file cabinet icons which are called vaults, one being the Public Document vault and the other vault with Your Name

  3. Click on your name to open the next list of folders. If you see a TY and a number, that refers to Tax Year and the year after the TY. (TY16 = Tax Year 2016)

  4. The next list of folders you will see is the Client Organizer, Client Source Documents,and Client Tax Returns. Click on the Client Tax Returns folder as seen in the screenshot below:

  5. Once you enter the Client Tax Returns folder, you will see your PDF file that contains your tax return. Click on the file name to preview the document.

  6. You can also choose to download your copy to your local computer by clicking on the big blue Download button located on the top right. This automatically saves the document to your computer where downloads are stored. 


If you want to upload documents or provide documents to your accountant, please refer to this article  How do I upload files to my accountant?