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Object is Not Valid and Cannot be Saved. The Value ‘OriginalLength’ is Greater than the Maximum



Error: Object is not valid and can not be saved. The value 'OriginalLength' is greater than the maximum displays when using SmartVault to back up a QuickBooks company file.


This error message displays when the QuickBooks company file that you are backing up is larger than 2GB. SmartVault limits the size of a backed up QuickBooks company file to 2GB.



When SmartVault backs up a QuickBooks company file, SmartVault zips up and queues the following files:

  • QuickBooksFileName.QBW
  • QuickBooksFileName.nd
  • QuickBooksFileName.tlg

The second largest of these is the QuickBooksFileName.tlg file.

To resolve this issue, move the .tlg and .nd files from the location where the .QBW file resides. This should reduce the overall size of the QuickBooks company file to meet SmartVault backup limits.