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Object is Not Valid and Cannot be Saved


You may get this error when you try to Save or Upload a document with a name that contains of of these special non-alphanumeric characters.

Exception: Csla.Validation.ValidationException: Object is not valid and can not be saved 
The value 'Name' does not allow the following characters: \ / * ? : " < > | % + 


A file name with one of the non-supported characters is being saved to SmartVault.



Special characters can often cause problems with file handling systems, either when you cross from one type of operating system to another (ex: Mac to PC) or when you're using varied protocols (ex: WebDav, HTML) so it is generally best to avoid their use if possible.  Even though the file may save fine in one place it's file name may cause issue when it's transferred elsewhere.

While some characters like - are almost always acceptable it's a good practice to consider if your special characters are causing your issues whenever you run into a problem opening or moving files.