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Reinstall SmartVault


These steps will show you how to uninstall and then re-install the SmartVault application:


  1. Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.

  2. Locate SmartVault in the list, select it, then click Uninstall


To install the SmartVault Desktop software :

  •         On the right task pane, under SmartVault Apps for, click Microsoft Windows.

            ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​

  •         Click Run.
  •         On the Security Warning window, click Run or Yes.
  •         Review the welcome message, and then click Next.
  •         Select the I accept the terms of the License Agreement check box, and then click Next.
  •         Specify an installation folder for the SmartVault Desktop software, and then click Next.
  •         If you want to create desktop shortcuts for the SmartVault Launchpad, the SmartVault client portal, and the SmartVault Inbox on your computer’s desktop, select the Create desktop shortcut check box for each item you want to create a desktop shortcut for, and then click Next.
  •         Click Finish.


If you work in a hosted QuickBooks environment, have your QuickBooks hosting provider install the SmartVault Desktop software in your hosted environment. Also install the SmartVault Desktop software on your local computer if you want to use the SmartVault Drive to upload documents to your portal or use the SmartVault Inbox to scan and upload documents into your hosted environment.

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