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Stop Quickbooks "Add Company" Popups


Often SmartVault customers who purchase a plan for tax integration, such as Lacerte or ProSeries, also use the Quickbooks Desktop application and do not wish to integrate Quickbooks with SmartVault. There is a popup message that appears each time you open Quickbooks asking for authorization to add the Company File to SmartVault. This popup will appear each time you open Quickbooks until you select the "No" option.


Because the installation software automatically detects whether or not you have Quickbooks installed on your PC, this popup will appear for each Company File you open. This is because the software cannot possibly know which company files, if any, you wish to use with SmartVault until you explicitly choose to integrate or not to integrate each Company File with SmartVault.


You can stop future popup messages for a Company File by choosing the "No" option. Because this functionality is managed at the Company File (client) level, you will need to do this for each Company File that you do not want to upload to SmartVault. The first time you open a Company File after installing SmartVault—or anytime following—select the "No" option. This will effectively mark that company as being inaccessible to SmartVault.

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