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Unable to Add New Employee When the Employee Has Been Previously Added as a Guest


Applies To

When attempting to add a new employee, you may receive this error message:

Error Message

This indicates that the email address associated with the employee has already been added to this account with a different account type; for example, this employee may have been added to your account as a Guest.


A SmartVault user ID can only be associated with one account type at a time. Since the employee's email address was previously used to be invited as a Guest of the account, the employee's email address cannot also be used to be invited as an Employee on the account.


To resolve this issue, follow the steps in this section.

  1. Right-Click mouse.png on your account and select Manage Licenses.

    Step 1
  2. On the box that opens, click on the tab labeled Guests.
  3. Find the employee in question and click Remove.

    Step 2 & 3
  4. On the dialog box that opens, click OK to remove the employee as a Guest.

    Step 4

The employee is now cleared of his or her account type and can be added to your account as an Employee. For more information on adding an employee to your SmartVault account, see Invite an Employee to a SmartVault Tax Plan.