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You Have Exceeded the Space Allowed by your Plan for Files


Error: You have exceeded the space allowed by your plan for files. You can upgrade your plan at displays when you try and upload a file using the SmartVault Toolbar or SmartVault Inbox.


This error message displays when you have exceeded the storage space allowed by your plan.


Upgrade your SmartVault storage amount


To upgrade your SmartVault plan:

Note: Your SmartVault user ID must be a member of the SmartVault Administrators group for the account in order to upgrade your SmartVault plan. If your SmartVault user ID is not a member of the SmartVault Administrators group for the account, the Upgrade My Account link will not display.


  1. Sign into the SmartVault portal
  2. In the Advanced view, in the left tree pane, expand My Accounts and then select the account you want to upgrade.
  3. In the right task pane, under Usage, click the Upgrade My Account link.
  4. In the Upgrade dialog box, select the appropriate upgrade options, and then click Upgrade Account.

For more information about SmartVault plan types, see SmartVault plans and features..

For more information about SmartVault user and license types, see SmartVault Licensing.