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Download the Outlook Plug-in for SmartVault

The SmartVault Outlook plugin is an extremely handy tool to have if you use the Windows version of Microsoft Outlook, (currently not supported on Outlook versions for Mac version). It makes uploading, sharing, and requesting files with others very easy. The SmartVault Outlook plugin can be at the center of your workflow when it comes to securely sharing and managing your files. Outlook is a path to ensure you stay in compliance with stricter federal and state laws dealing with email data security.

Important Note: If you are reinstalling the SmartVault Outlook plugin, ensure that you first uninstall the current version from the Windows Control Panel. Then run the setup that is downloaded from this page.

How to Install

Click Here to download the setup file.

Once the setup file is downloaded,

  1. Ensure that Microsoft Outlook is closed.
  2. Extract all the files from the zip file.
  3. Double click to run the setup.exe file from the extract folder.
  4. Click Run if prompted in the security warning dialog.
  5. Click the Install button in the customization dialog.

  6. Once the progress bar is complete, click Close.
  7. Open Microsoft Outlook and open a new email and click the down arrow under the Send Link button in the ribbon at top of your window.

  8. Click Setup and enter your SmartVault email address.
  9. Click the Get Pin button. This will open the SmartVault Client portal where you may be prompted to sign in.
  10. Click the Allow button.
  11. Copy the PIN number and paste it into the field in the User ID Setup dialog.

  12. Click OK.

How do I use the SmartVault Plug-in, you ask?


For more information see our reference guide topic about the SmartVault Outlook Plugin.