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How does my network bandwidth affect how I use SmartVault?


Many customers have asked about how bandwidth affects their SmartVault usage. We've documented some of these below. If you have additional questions that we do not cover here, feel free to contact our support team and we'll try to see if we can answer them for you.


I've taken one definition of bandwidth from TechTarget that is relevant to this topic:


In computer networks, bandwidth is used as a synonym for data transfer rate, the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another in a given time period (usually a second). In this usage, bandwidth refers to the data rate that is supported by the network connection or the interfaces that connect to the network. This meaning of bandwidth is usually expressed in bits (of data) per second (bps). In general, a communication link with high bandwidth is one that may be able to carry enough information to sustain the succession of images in a video presentation without jitter or buffering caused by latency. It should be remembered that a communications path usually consists of a succession of links, each with its own bandwidth. If one link in the path is much slower than the rest, it is said to be a bottleneck.

How much bandwidth do I need to use SmartVault?

Most customers who run a business are likely to have pretty good bandwidth as a part of the service they receive from their Internet Service Provider (ISP). On average, we've seen speeds ranging from 6 -10 MB/s for Downloads and 1-2 MB/s for Uploads.

Some customers may have a high download speed (20 - 40 MB/s) but their upload speed may be on the low end (1 MB/s). As your office relies more and more on cloud services, it is a good idea to increase your service level with your ISP and get the highest level of bandwidth you can afford. Although we don't have any official or tested recommendations for how much bandwidth you will need to work with SmartVault, some of the factors to be considered when determining how much is enough are:


  • how many people are using the Internet from the office or home
  • whether or not you are using Voice Over IP (VOIP) for your phone lines
  • whether or not you are sharing an ISP service with other firms or offices
  • how much data are you uploading and downloading
  • how many other cloud services are you using (are you or your office mates streaming musing in the browser while working)

Does SmartVault throttle bandwidth based on my usage?

No, SmartVault does not throttle the bandwidth based on usage. To allow our customers to have the best experience, our software manages data transfers on a separate line from data access. For example, when you are uploading and downloading large amounts of data, we use our transfer protocol as opposed to when you're just signing into SmartVault and navigating your account, vaults and files and folders.

Is there a charge for using more than the average amount of bandwidth, like some other cloud services?

No, we do not charge for bandwidth or data transfer amounts. Your account is based on the number of user/client licenses and the amount of disk space you use.