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Create a new RightSignature account and link it to SmartVault


This page will show you how to qualify for a discount on a new or existing RightSignature account by signing up through SmartVault.  A separate guide will show you how to integrate RightSignature with SmartVault once you have completed the sign-up process.  Click here to view that guide:  Integrate RightSignature with SmartVault


Warning:  The steps below should be completed before attempting to integrate RightSignature with SmartVault or you will not receive a discount on your RightSignature service and the integration may not work.



  1. Go to this website and click on the blue Get Started button
    • You can read more about the benefits of integrating RightSignature with SmartVault by scrolling down and reading through the page

  2. Select whether you will be linking a New RightSignature account or an Existing RightSignature account
    • If you select New RightSignature account, continue to Step 3
    • If you select Existing RightSignature account, click here: Link an existing RightSignature account
      • If you are not quite ready to sign-up or link accounts, click on the small white "X" in the gray circle in the top left corner of the pop-up window to cancel

  3. You will be taken to an online form to Activate New RightSignature Account.  There are additional instructions on this page that must be followed on the RightSignature website to activate your account, but they are included in the subsection below:
    1. On this page you will enter the following information and click on the 'blue' button at the bottom of this form:
      • The RightSignature Monthly or Annual Plan you would like to sign up for
      • The email address you use to login to your SmartVault account

    2. On the RightSignature website, enter your name and email address (must match the one you used in the previous step to qualify for the SmartVault discount) and then click on Create Free Account

    3. Left-click outside the highlighted Try Samples section and then left-click the large yellow UPGRADE button
      • You can return to the Samples section again by clicking on the Try Samples button in the menu bar

    4. Subscribe to a Personal or Business plan by entering your billing details and clicking on the Activate Plan button at the bottom of the webpage
    • Personal or Business should be auto-selected for you based on the RightSignature plan you selected in the Podio form in Step 1 of this subsection
    • You will notice that the pricing on this page is higher and that not all plans include Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) by default.  These are non-discounted prices; as long as you have used the same email address on your SmartVault account as the one you have used to sign-up for RightSignature, RightSignature will apply the discount and include KBA at no additional cost within 48 hours of your plan activation.
    • Monthly or Annual billing should be auto-selected for you as well based on the RightSignature plan you selected in the Podio form in Step 1 of this subsection.

  4. Go to your email account and look for an email from RightSignature.  Click on the green ACTIVATE ACCOUNT button within the email to confirm and activate your RightSignature account.
    • You will receive a second email from RightSignature that includes a link on how to Integrate RightSignature with SmartVault.  You can skip this second email once you have activated your RightSignature account - just continue Step 5

  5. End of New RightSignature account setup - Return to the SmartVault Dashboard and follow these instructions: Integrate RightSignature with SmartVault


That's it - you've successfully applied for your SmartVault discount and have upgraded your RightSignature plan so you are now ready to integrate your RightSignature account with SmartVault.



You must complete the sign-up process for new and existing RightSignature accounts to receive a discount and to complete the integration with SmartVault before you attempt to Integrate RightSignature with SmartVault.