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Clients View in Connected Desktop

If your account has access to the Clients View in Connected Desktop, you can use this view to expediently work with your clients' vaults, folders, and files directly. Currently, only our tax-enabled accounts make use of the Clients View in the Connected Desktop.


All of your tasks in the Connected Desktop originate from this main window. This image provides a quick reference material for the layout of the main window and information on how you will use each section.





  1. Search Bar - use the Search Bar to filter your clients in your Client List. The text you enter is matched against the columns in your Client List to display only those clients with a match.
  2. Client List Pane - this is the list of all clients in your account. Clicking on a client in this list displays the client's folders and files in the Document View pane.
  3. Document View Toolbar - the Document View toolbar is used when working with client files and folders in the Document View pane. The Document View toolbar displays the actions you can perform on a file or folder within the Document View pane. The Document View toolbar is contextual and changes which actions are selectable based on whether you are working with a file or a folder.
  4. Document View Pane - the Document View pane is the main window in Connected Desktop. Use the Document View pane to work on client files and folders stored in SmartVault.
  5. Client Folder Structure - this is the folder structure used to store your clients' files and folders in SmartVault. Changes to files or folders here are automatically stored in SmartVault as you work in the Connected Desktop.
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