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Issues in Connected Desktop


The Connected Desktop allows you to log and keep a record of issues for clients. Each client can have their own set of issues. This can be done through the 'Issues' feature which has been added next to Folders and Files. When you click on any client's name the issues related to this client are listed under the Issues tab. 





1. From the Client list on the left pane, click on a client name

2. Under the Issues tab, type in the issue in the space provided and hit Enter.

3. The issue will be recorded and start showing up in the list

4. The date on which issue is entered, is automatically displayed in the 'Date' field.

5. If you wish to assign it to somebody, you can do so through the 'Assigned To' field. Here, enter the name of the person whom you want to assign.

6. You can put the Due Date by which you need a response on the issue.

7. On the tab's heading, next to 'Issues' the number indicates the issues which are unresolved.


Once the issue is resolved, you can mark it as resolved by putting a check in front of each issue and enter the resolution under the 'Resolution' field.

Other Features  

Some additional features which this functionality provides are:

1. 'Hide checkmarked Issue' - This allows you to hide the issues that are marked as checked. Hence you can view those issues that are unresolved.

2. Find Issues - If you are looking for a specific issue, you can do so using this feature which allows you to search for any issue. Clicking on 'Find Issues' opens a search window where you can enter the issue you are looking for and it searches from the issues list and gives you results accordingly.

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