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Clear the Connected Desktop Cache


While working in the Connected Desktop, files are cached in a local folder on your computer. You may need to clear this cache while troubleshooting issues you might encounter with the Connected Desktop—for example, error messages, the Connected Desktop won't open, the Connected Desktop operates too slowly, etc.


*Before you proceed, ensure all files have been saved and all of your work has been closed. Deleting the cache without saving files will result in loss of unsaved changes to those files.


  1. Exit the SmartVault Desktop software by locating the arrow pointing upward on the bottom right of your screen close to the time and date (See screen shot below). Right-Click mouse.png and choose Exit to completely close out of SmartVault. 

  2. Right-Click mouse.png on the  from the bottom left of your screen and click on File Explorer. In the screen shot below, type in %appdata% and hit Enter on your keyboard (Click on image below to expand if needed).

  3. Open the SmartVault folder.

  4. Open the Cache folder.

  5. Select everything in here and Delete ALL of the files and folders within this Cache folder.

  6. Now you may open the Connected Desktop and verify that your issues have been resolved.


If you are unable to delete the folder that contains your email address user name for SmartVault, follow Step 1 and make sure you are completely closed out of SmartVault

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