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Drag and Drop in Connected Desktop


The Connected Desktop allows you to easily move files and folders directly to and from your SmartVault account. Below you will find a couple of ways to get documents and data in and out of your account.

Upload a Document to
SmartVault U_G_Upload_Document_via_Connected_Desktop.GIF


  1. Open the SmartVault Connected Desktop.
  2. Find a document on your computer.
  3. Drag the document into any location in your Connected Desktop.
  4. ​A message on the bottom right hand side of your desktop appears to confirm the upload completion.


Quick Tip: Notice the green arrow, as you are dragging file, this dictates where in SmartVault the file will be uploaded.

Download a Document from


  1. Open the SmartVault Connected Desktop.
  2. Click and drag the file from your Connected Desktop to any location on your computer.
  3. The file will be copied to the location you selected on your computer.