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Merge Duplicate Clients Using the Connected Desktop


After an import job, such as a DMS migration or importing clients from Lacerte or ProSeries, you might have duplicate clients.


Under certain conditions, a DMS migration can still create duplicate clients. For example, in the event that a client’s TIN does not match between DMS and Lacerte or ProSeries, this client will be duplicated when imported to SmartVault.

The merge feature is also useful when you create a client in SmartVault before you create the client in Lacerte or ProSeries—often to collect source documents in SmartVault before completing tax work for a new client. 


Using the Connected Desktop's filter and search feature,  you can quickly locate duplicate clients in long Client List.


  1. Open Connected Desktop.
  2. Locate two clients with duplicate information. These clients must share both the same exact name or tax identifier.
    • A tax identifier is the unique id you assign to your clients in Lacerte or ProSeries. This only applies to clients imported from Lacerte or ProSeries
    • If the clients don't match on both the exact name and the tax identifier, you will receive an error message.

  3. First click on one client, then, while holding the CTRL key, click on the second client.
  4. Right click on either client and select Merge clients.
  5. Select the client to merge to.
If the clients you are merging have matching tax identifiers, but differing names:
  1. If one of the clients was preexisting before your import, determine which client imported from DMS.
  2. Select the preexisting client in Connected Desktop.
  3. Right click and select Open client in Portal.

  4. Click Edit client.


  5. Update the client's name field to match the imported client's name exactly and click Save changes when finished.


  6. Attempt to merge the clients again.
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