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Merge Duplicate Clients in the Connected Desktop



After an import job, such as a DMS migration or importing your clients from Lacerte or ProSeries, you might have duplicate clients.

Earlier versions of the DMS migration would create duplicate clients if you used the copy client feature in Lacerte or Proseries. While this issue has been resolved, if your account contains a large number of duplicate clients you can contact support to request an automated resolution to this issue. This automated procedure will merge clients if their names or tax identification numbers (TINs) match.

Under certain conditions, a DMS migration can still create duplicate clients. For example, in the event that a client’s TIN does not match between DMS and Lacerte or ProSeries, this client will be duplicated when imported to SmartVault.

The merge feature is also useful when you create a client in SmartVault before you create the client in Lacerte or ProSeries—often to collect source documents in SmartVault before completing tax work for a new client. 

Please note* If you attempt the merge feature and it does not work, please refer to the Considerations towards the bottom of this page.


  1. Open the Connected Desktop


  2. Navigate to the client and Click on the first client. 
  3. Hold the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and then click on the second account to highlight both clients. 

  4. Right-Click mouse.png on the blue highlighted client name to select Merge clients...

  5. You will see the option next to select which account to merge into. Click the one that contains the Client ID or the last 4 of the social security number. 

  6. After you make your selection, you will be warned that the changes cannot be undone. Click OK to proceed.

  7. Now the Merge should complete and the Connected Desktop will automatically just list the one client. 


The merge feature is a complicated task in the background process because there are quite a few variables that may conflict when merging a client in SmartVault regardless if all the information matches correctly. Therefore, the merge feature may not always work.

In these cases, the best solution to resolve this is export the data of the existing client. If you already have the data saved or backed up, you can delete the client. Then re-import the client using LaCerte or ProSeries or the CSV Import. Here are some helpful articles below to show you how to do the following steps:

  1. Export the client's data. Click on this article for a how to: Export Data from Connected Desktop

  2. Delete the client from Connected Desktop. Click on this article for a how to: Delete a Client
  3. Choose one of the following methods below:
    • Re-Import your client using LaCerte or ProSeries at this article: Import and Add New Clients
    • Re-Import your clients using a CSV file at this article: CSV Import
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