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Prevent Inactive Clients from Displaying in Connected Desktop


Applies to:
SmartVault Tax and Accounting plans

We understand some customers may have a rather large list of clients, some of whom are inactive/deceased/retired. This should not disrupt your workflow in the Connected Desktop, because we do not recommend scrolling through the Clients container to find a client. Instead, we recommend filtering and then searching to find what you're looking for.


However, there is a method for archiving clients and removing them from your view of Clients in the Connected Desktop, all the while keeping them in your SmartVault account.


  1. Open the Connected Desktop and click on the Files tab,
  2. Right-click the Firm container in the left pane and create a vault called Inactive Clients.
  3. Open the SmartVault Drive from the Launchpad.
  4. Line up the Drive window on the left and the Connected Desktop (Files View) window on the right.
  5. Expand your SmartVault Drive to the Clients container.
  6. Right-click each client you want to archive and select Copy.
  7. Navigate to the center pane of the new Inactive Clients vault. Right-click and select Paste.
  8. After the data is transferred, only then should you delete the client vault from the SmartVault Drive or the Connected Desktop (Clients View).
  9. You can refer to the data in the Inactive Clients vault from the Files tab in the Connected Desktop or from the Portal.
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