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Print Lacerte Tax Organizers to SmartVault


Client Organizers in Lacerte can be printed directly to SmartVault. Client Organizers are routed to the respective client’s tax year engagement depending on the version of Lacerte you are using.  For example, if you print Client Organizers from Lacerte 2015, they will be automatically routed to your client's TY16 Client Organizer folder in SmartVault.  Regardless of the version of Lacerte you are using (Lacerte 2014 or later), the process of printing tax organizers to SmartVault is the same.



1. Open your prior year's version of Lacerte and click on the Organizers icon just below the main menu bar.

2. Lacerte may ask you if you would like to import your organizer options or preferences from the previous year.  Agree to import or skip, and then click on "Print Paper Organizers" in the pop up window.

3. Select the kind of organizer you would like to print (Complete, Condensed, etc.)


4. Select one, some or all of your clients that you would like to print organizers for and then click on "Print" near the lower right corner.


5. Put a checkmark next to SmartVault in the ‘Print To’ box and make sure DMS is not selected.  You can print to your physical printer and SmartVault at the same time if you wish.  Click ‘OK’ at the bottom of the Print window.