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Print ProSeries Tax Organizers to SmartVault


Beginning with the 2015 tax year, Client Organizers in ProSeries can be printed directly to SmartVault. Client Organizers are routed to the respective client’s tax engagement.  Printing Client Tax Organizers directly into SmartVault will work in Proseries 2015 and later - it will not work with earlier versions of ProSeries.



1. In ProSeries 2015, go to the HomeBase View and select ‘Organizer for 1040’. 

2. File >> Transfer >> Transfer Clients… to transfer your clients from ‘2014 Form 1040 to 2015 Organizer’ first.

2015_PS_file transfer clients.PNG

3. Select the clients or Select All .


4. Select one, some or all of your clients in the ‘Organizer for 1040’ view that you would like to print organizers for.


5. Put a checkmark next to SmartVault in the ‘Print To’ box and select the type of organizer you would like to print.

6. Click ‘Print’ in the bottom right corner of the Print window.