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Search for a File or Folder Anywhere

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Connected Desktop allows you to search all files or folders in any client vault in your account. The Global Find tool searches through all of your clients for a match on the text you enter. You can then cycle through the results and view each match in the Document View pane.


  1. Click the Edit option in the menu bar at the top of the Connected Desktop window.

  2. Click the Find... option in the Edit menu to access the Global Find tool.

  3. The Find File dialog box opens.

  4. By default, the Match file names checkbox is checked; select a search based on folder names, file names, or both, and check each box accordingly.
  5. Enter the text to search for and click Find Next.


  6. The Find File dialog box displays the number of matches found in your account. Clicking Find Next cycles you through each match. Click Find Previous to return to a previous match.

  7. Click Cancel when you have found the file or folder to work with that file or folder in the Document View pane.
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