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Tips before working with data from Lacerte or ProSeries



It is important to be prepared properly before using our system. The main things to consider are opening a trial account, watching a demo or webinar, making sure your account is activated and then to install the software.

Tips Before You Begin Setup


1.Open a Trial SmartVault Account
If you have not yet started a free trial, go to and click the Free Trial button.

2.Watch a Demo or Webinar

Vaidate Client Contacts (in Lacerte or ProSeries)
1. Contact Names
2. Contact E-Mail Address
3. Salutation (depending on tax type)
4. Spouse Name and E-Mail (for individual tax clients)

SmartVault will use these email address to invite your client contacts to use the SmartVault Portal.
Identify Internal Users by E-Mail Address

3.Make sure your account has been activated

1. Go to the SmartVault Portal:
2. If you are already signed in, then sign out.
3. Sign in to make sure your account has been activated.

4.Make sure the SmartVault Desktop Software has been installed.
-Look for the SmartVault Launchpad.

-Look for the SmartVault System Tray Icon.

-Signing in to the SmartVault Desktop Software will also double check to make sure your account has been activated.


This overview applies to all Tax plans.

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