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Upload Files to SmartVault Using Connected Desktop


You can use the Connected Desktop to upload one or more files to SmartVault.

However if you were invited by someone to use SmartVault, I would recommend uploading from the portal as shown in this guide.


  1. Select a folder in a client vault in the Document View pane and click Upload in the Document View toolbar.

  2. Alternatively, you can select a folder and right click; select Upload from the right click menu.

  3. A window opens that allows you to browse to the file or files you want to upload. Select the file in this window. To select multiple files, hold the CTRL key as you click on the files to upload.

  4. Click Open and the files upload to SmartVault.



If you upload a file without a folder selected, the file will be uploaded to the client vault and outside of any folders. Since your clients have access to certain folders in the client vault (such as the folders Client Tax Returns, Client Source Documents, and Client Organizer), any files stored outside of a folder in the client vault will be visible to your clients. Be careful to only upload files to directly to a folder. If a file is uploaded to the client vault and is visible to your clients, it will appear in Connected Desktop like this: