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Working Offline with Client Files


If you need to work with files from one or more clients, but you won't have access to the Internet for an extended period of time, you can copy the files to your computer, work with the files, and then upload those files back to SmartVault, all from the Connected Desktop.


  1. Select the files you need to download to your computer and then drag and drop them to a location on your computer. You can even drag and drop entire folder structures and multiple files and folders from a client vault at the same time. Hold CTRL as you click on files or folders to select multiple files or folders at once. See Drag and Drop in Connected Desktop for more information on moving files or folders to your computer.
  2. Work, edit, and save your files as your normally would in your everyday workflow.
  3. When you can connect to the Internet again, sign in to SmartVault and open Connected Desktop. Drag and drop the files and folders into the same locations to overwrite the copies stored in SmartVault with the updated files. 
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