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Getting Files into Connected Desktop


You have several options for uploading files and folders directly into Connected Desktop. In this guide, we'll review the specific ways to add files while using the Connected Desktop. Any files you add to SmartVault will also appear in the Connected Desktop. You can review several topics for adding files to SmartVault by clicking any of the links collected under the heading Other Methods for Adding Files to SmartVault at the end of this page.

Drag and Drop Files into Connected Desktop

Connected Desktop allows you to drag and drop files to and from your computer and Connected Desktop. Dragging a file into Connected Desktop automatically uploads the file into SmartVault. Follow these steps to move a file from your computer to SmartVault by using Connected Desktop:

See Drag and Drop in Connected Desktop for other drag and drop capabilities in the Connected Desktop.

Upload Files

Connected Desktop allows you to upload files directly to SmartVault as you are working with a client in their client vault. You upload files to folders inside a client vault. Follow these steps to upload your files:

Scan Documents

Connected Desktop allows you to scan documents into SmartVault as you work in a client vault. Follow these steps to complete a scan:


  1. Select the folder to store the scanned document within a client vault in the Document View pane. Right click and select Scan.
    (Alternatively, you can select the folder and click Scan on the Document View toolbar as well.)

  2. The Scan Document window opens. Select your scanner from the drop down list.

  3. Click on the Scan icon.

  4. Follow the prompts for your scanner to scan in the document.
  5. The scan appears in the Scan Document window. You can edit this document in this window. See Editing PDFs in Connected Desktop for all the editing capabilities available to you.

  6. Under Name, provide a name for the file to be saved under.

  7. Add an optional description to aid in searching for the file in Connected Desktop.
  8. You can continue scanning more documents by repeating the steps above. New scans append to the end of the document. You can then reorder the pages by dragging and dropping. See Editing PDFs in Connected Desktop for more options available to you. Additionally, you can drag and drop existing files within the Scan Document window.

  9. Click Save and the file uploads to SmartVault. Files save in PDF format.


Return to the Getting Started Guide Contents for Tax Accountants

Cut, Copy, and Paste

Using the Cut, Copy, and Paste tools on your computer, you can move or copy files into SmartVault by using Connected Desktop. The Cut, Copy, and Paste tools function exactly as they do in Windows File Explorer on your computer. For a more detailed process on using the Cut, Copy, and Paste tools, see Cut, Copy, and Paste Tools in Connected Desktop.

Import from DMS

If you are an Intuit DMS user and you have not yet migrated your data from DMS, please visit this guide to complete your migration: Getting Started with SmartVault for DMS Migration.

After your initial migration, you should begin using SmartVault as your DMS solution; however, in case you need to import additional data after your migration, the Connected Desktop allows you to import from DMS.

See Import Files to Connected Desktop.

Other Methods for Adding Files to SmartVault

You can add files to SmartVault through other methods outside of Connected Desktop. Any file you store in SmartVault is accessible when using the Connected Desktop. Here are some links to methods outside of Connected Desktop that allow you to get your files into SmartVault.


Print Tax Returns to SmartVault from Intuit® Lacerte®

Print Tax Return to SmartVault from Intuit® ProSeries®

Uploading Documents Using the SmartVault Client Portal

Uploading Documents Using the SmartVault Inbox


As you can see, there are many different methods for getting your files into SmartVault by using Connected Desktop. You should choose the method you use based on your own personal preference or by whichever method is most convenient for the workflow you employ.

Often, when adding files directly to SmartVault or if two or more employees are working on the same client, new files or folders added to the client will not automatically appear in Connected Desktop. Click the Refresh button to see new files added to a client vault from a source outside of Connected Desktop. If any clients are added to your SmartVault account while working in Connected Desktop, see Refresh the Client List for steps on viewing those changes

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