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Opening Connected Desktop


After you've finished with your initial SmartVault setup, you'll open the Connected Desktop and use the reference material here to orient yourself with the basic layout. Included are some troubleshooting tips in case you have any difficulty locating Connected Desktop.


By default during your SmartVault installation, a shortcut to Connected Desktop is added to your computer's desktop. You can create additional shortcuts to Connected Desktop by pinning it to your Start menu or Taskbar.

Open Connected Desktop

You can open the Connected Desktop directly from the shortcut on your computer's desktop:


If the shortcut does not appear on your desktop, reinstall SmartVault to obtain the shortcut.


You can also open the Connected Desktop from the SmartVault Launchpad. 

First, open the SmartVault Launchpad. The Launchpad icon should be located on your desktop:


If you cannot find the Launchpad on your computer, or you cannot open the Launchpad, see Verifying Your SmartVault Account and Software for Intuit Lacerte or ProSeries for instructions on installing the Launchpad on your computer.

Select the SmartVault Connected Desktop option from the Launchpad:


If SmartVault Connected Desktop is not displayed on your Launchpad, verify that you have the latest version of SmartVault installed. To verify, see Verify for the Latest Version of SmartVault for Connected Desktop.


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