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Add Additional Client Contacts to a Client Record

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You can add additional clients to an already existing Client Record in your Client List. This will allow you to share your client's vault with additional contacts if needed.  You can watch a short tutorial video on how to add an additional client contact to an existing client contact record by clicking on this link:  Adding a Second Person to an Existing Client Vault via the Client Dashboard


  1. Locate your client in the Dashboard and click View client information.


    Alternatively, if you are comfortable with using the Connected Desktop, you can search for a client in the Connected Desktop and then open that client in the Client Portal directly from the Connected Desktop.
  2. Click Edit client.

  3. Under Names, click the + icon to add an additional client contact.

  4. Enter the client contact's first and last name.
  5. Click the + icon under Email to add an additional email address for the new client contact.
  6. Click Save changes to add the client contact to this client record.

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