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Add a Folder to a Folder Template

SmartVault uses folder templates to create folders in your account. Folder templates only apply to those folders that are automatically created for actions such as adding a client, creating a new engagement, or adding an employee. You can add a folder that to a folder template.

For this example, we'll add a folder to the Accounting Client template. All of your clients will receive this new folder—both existing clients and clients you add.


  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click Manage Folder Templates.

    Dashboard - Manage Folder Templates Icon.png
  3. You have several templates by default. For this example, we're editing the template that creates clients. Click on View and edit templates for the Accounting Client template.

  4. The template displays the folders that SmartVault uses when you add a client to your SmartVault account. For our example we'll add a folder under the client vault. Click the gear icon next to the client vault and select New folder.

  5. A new folder is added under the client vault and is named New Folder. Click on the gear icon next to this folder and select Edit folder.

  6. Under Name, rename the folder. 

  7. Under Access, set the groups who can access this folder and the level of access each group should receive.  Click the + icon to add a group, and click each checkbox to set what the group can access.

  8. Click the  icon to Save changes once you have confirmed what access you want to give.

  9. Click the  icon to Save changes once again on the Template page to save your new folder structure.

  10. Enter a description of the change you made. In our example we enter "Added a Personal Folder to the Accounting Client template". Check the Apply now box if you'd like SmartVault to make the changes to your folders immediately. Click OK.

  11. After some time, all of your clients will update to reflect the changes you made.

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