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Assign Employees to Clients in Bulk


You can assign employees to have access to multiple clients at once by using the SmartVault Dashboard. Use this tool with caution as each client assignment generates an email notification that is sent to your employee. If you assign a large number of clients, your employee will receive a large number of emails all at once.


  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Dashboard
  2. Click on Clients 
  3. Select one or more clients to assign to an Employee. Click Assign Employees.
  4. Double-Click on each Employee you want to assign to the client.

    *You can optionally enable the employee to have Firm Manager access permissions for the employees as well. Otherwise, the employee receives Firm Employee access permissions for these clients. Here's the difference between the two choices below:
    • A Firm Manager has full access permissions including the ability to grant read and write access permissions to other users for the clients you assign here. They also have the ability to "invite" clients or guests users.
    • A Firm Employee has read, write, create, and delete access permissions but cannot grant access permissions to other users for the clients you assign here.


   5. Click OK.


It might take several moments for these changes to apply. You can check that the assignments completed by using the following steps:

  1. Right click on a client you assigned to an employee and click Manage Group Members.
  2. Your employee should appear under Firm Managers, Firm Employees, or both.

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