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Can't Create New Folder on QuickBooks Company File Folder


If you are attempting to add a new folder within the QuickBooks company file folder, you may get an error if you attempt to add it through the Connected Desktop that says Access Denied. Even if you are an administrator on the account, you will still see this error. 

This error is actually by design of our product as that folder is how QuickBooks integrates with SmartVault. Our developers restricted the ability to change or modify this folder structure to keep the folder's requirements of the integration in place. 


Here is how the folder path looks when you add a company file. 

 QuickBooks Vault
    arrow.png  Applications
           arrow.png   QuickBooks
                  arrow.png  Larry's Landscaping
                         arrow.png  Backups
                         arrow.png  Documents

You can add a new folder in the Applications folder, however attempting to add a new folder under the QuickBooks folder is completely restricted from being able to add a new folder as well as the sub folders below the QuickBooks folder. 



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