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Changing Account Properties In Dashboard



The account name, billing address, primary contact and global notification settings are properties of an Account. which were specified by the person who created the account when they signed up for SmartVault. You can make changes to these fields from the Account Properties page in the SmartVault Portal.


The Account Settings page allows any account administrator to edit and save SmartVault account information such as:

• Account Name - This is name of the account as how it is displayed to all users.

• Company Name - Should be then name of the company that owns the account.

• Address - Street address of the company owning the account.

• Primary Contact - The Primary contact is the recipient of all SmartVault communications including billing notices and can be changed to any account administrator.

• Various Account Settings (See screenshot)

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To make changes to the Account Name, Billing Address, or Primary Contact:

  1. Click on your account name in Dashboard located on the top right of the screen next to the gear symbol.

    account options.PNG

  2. Account Properties is located on the left side under Account Settings.

  3. Replace the information in the fields and save changes when done.




If you disable (uncheck) the Allow Users to modify their own notification settings field, your clients cannot modify their own settings. Administrators and Vault Managers can modify their notification settings regardless of your choice of setting.

You must be a SmartVault Administrator in order to change the billing address of an account. If you do not see a View Properties link in the right task pane when you click on the account, your SmartVault user ID is not a member of the SmartVault Administrators group for the account.

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